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Sud-Ouest - October 20, 2005

Readers of Baghdad.

Tareq Yassin and Hassan Abdelhamir have just arrived at La Rochelle. They evoke the change of mode and the everyday life in Iraq Iraq in rebuilding Tareq Yassin, after two years of collaboration with association the Readers of Baghdad, just comes to arrive to France to make a point with the persons in charge rochelais of association on the needs for assistances in the schools in Iraq.

A voyage which coincides with the residence in the Intermondes Center of the journalist and critical of art Hassan Abdelhamir[... ]

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Sud-Ouest - March 28, 2005

Nearly 8500 pounds come to leave for Iraq

On the way for Baghdad A telephone call hardly forty-eight hours before the passage of the truck. Just time, for Sylvyane Husin, president of Association Readers of Baghdad (1), to beat the recall in order to load the 155 paperboards of books which waited since last August, gracefully stored in the buildings of the mairie[.... ]

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Le Monde - February 19, 2004

Suppl. The World of the Books

"a country without book is a country threatened and threatening"

Discussion with Jabbar Yassin Hussin.


Le Nouvel Observateur - n° 2047, January 29, 2004.


"Since its foundation, in 762, the town of Shéhérazade and Soliman had survived grinds disasters, but today it is its memory which fails. In the tread of the bombardments, plunderings of April 9 destroyed libraries, universities, rooms of manuscripts. Inter alia, the very rich French cultural inheritance in Iraq, going back to one half-century. "Five universities equipped with libraries where the French culture was taught are today only rooms empty and destroyed", Jabbar Yassin Hussin specifies. For association the Readers of Baghdad, this Iraqi writer launches a call with all those which can provide the students and the researchers of his country of the works of French literature, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc. Against the destruction moving, this work with the long course, this collection has patience. To follow "

Catherine David


Le Monde - January 9, 2004

Suppl. The World of the Books

IRAQ: call with the French-speaking editors

"the Iraqi writer Jabbar Yassin Hussin, exiled in France since twenty-seven years and author of novels and news to the Workshop of the Ford, invites the French-speaking editors to reconstitute the funds of the libraries in Iraq."

France Culture - from January 9, 2004

Jabbar Yassin Hussin, guest of the emission

"Mornings of France Culture", Nicolas Demorand.


"We diffuse a call which comes us from the Iraqi writer Jabbar Yassin Hussin, of Association the readers of Baghdad, via the House of the writers of Paris, for the harvest of French-speaking books to send in Iraq."


the magazine of Aytré,

n° 127, Sept.-Oct.. 2003.

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